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The Pilgrim Path (1-4-2021)

The Pilgrim Path---Hebrews 5: 12—14

For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the basic principles of the oracles of God. You need milk, not solid food, for everyone who lives on milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, since he is a child. But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.


The original readers of the Letter to the Hebrews were not making the progress that the Holy Spirit was expecting. As the old preacher John Brown says, “they were dull in their understanding.” They heard a great deal for a considerable amount of time---but they had not grown in our Holy Faith. They had not done--- what they might have done with any access to the scared writings. Not much in terms of spiritual responsibility for their own personal spiritual growth. Still on milk. Unskilled in handling the Word of God. Well, the only way to be better at it---is to ask the LORD’S help---and stay at it. We give ourselves to all sorts of things: lawn improvement---better golf game---hunting---new hobby---being a superb cook. The fact of the matter is: We must take time with the Word of righteousness. We all start with “milk” in this world---then we move on to solid food. It takes time---and it is worth it. Stay in the Word so it will get inside you and change you from the inside out.

Some points to ponder from David Mathis, Habits of Grace, Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines (Crossway)

---there is an “X” factor in Bible reading---someone Unseen moves

---He is fully divine and full of mystery---He makes the seemingly simple into something supernatural

---this Helper resists our efforts to objectify grace. He lingers in silence…

---He acts untraceably as He molds our minds, hews our hearts, whittles our wills…

---He hovers with special vigilance over the divine Word…ready to bear witness about the Son (John 15: 26), ready to glorify him (John 16: 14)

---He is the one whom the truly born again have received “that we might understand the things freely given us by God” (I Cor. 2: 12).

--- He is the promised One, with whom we were sealed (Eph. 1” 13)

---We may be alone with the Bible---but we are not really alone: “The Hepler stands ready. Take up the text in confidence that God is primed to bless your being with His very breath.”

---HE is the Holy Spirit…He helps us…He points us to the LORD Jesus Christ…

From Charles Haddon Spurgeon: It is very pleasant to see the infant in the house. What joy there is in its tender cry. But suppose that our children were always to remain infants, that would be no happiness to the parent. How long have you been converted to God? Why, I have known some converts that have been in long clothes for thirty years after they were converted and are babies still. If you asked them to speak for Christ, they could only say a word or two of mere babble; and as for their confession of faith, it was not a reason; they did declare the hope that was in them, but they did not give a reason for it, for they could not give one. Then there are some who grow so slowly that their faith is just as weak now as it was twenty years ago. They go tottering along and cannot run alone yet. Have I not seen some who ought to have been as patient as Job by this time, as fretful as they can well be. Why not begin to search the Scriptures? Why not try to live nearer to God? Why not pant after a greater conformity to Christ’s image? Why, what a Christian you might then be!

From George Muller, How to Read the Word of God:

---Read the Scriptures regularly: alternately, portions from the Old and New Testaments. Begin at the beginning of each. Mark where you leave off…when you finish, begin again…

---Read with prayer: you cannot by your own wisdom understand the Word of God. In all your reading of the Scriptures, carefully seek the help of the Holy Spirit. Ask for Jesus’ sake that He enlighten you.

---Read with meditation: ponder over what you read. The truth is thus supplied to your heart. You see new and deeper meanings. It is better to think over a little than merely to read a great deal.

---Read with faith: not as statements which you may believe or not but as the revealed Word of God. Receive every word as true with simple childlike trust. Rest upon the promises. Read them as made for you.

---Read in order to carry into practice: we must accept His Word as being the revelation of His will. In it He tells us what to be and what to do. He expects us to be “obedient children.”


Blessed Jesus, at your word we are gathered all to hear you;

Let our hearts and souls be stirred now to seek and love and fear you,

By your teachings, sweet and holy, drawn from earth to love you solely.

Tobias Clausnitzer, 1663

Grace and Peace in Jesus, the Only Redeemer of broken and wretched souls, Pastor Jason