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The Pilgrim Path (3/21/2020)

The Pilgrim Path---Psalm 4---verse 2...

"Sons of man, how long will my honor be turned into shame? How long will you love worthlessness and seek after deception?

Ole Alec Motyer is hard to beat on this Psalm:

---Yahweh looks after his own---v. 3

---You can't help being afraid---4a

---But don't let it become sin---4b

---Enjoy regular private times---4c

---Be quiet before God for a while---4d

---Make use of God's means of grace---5a

---Always maintain an attitude of trust in God---5b

King David reminds us that the Lord's people will always have enemies. The World's People do not like God's Ways! What they "tend" to like are paths of worthlessness. We can ill afford in this current climate--to copy them. No matter how culture lives---we cannot love what is vain. King David has me ask:

---What will help you pray more?

---What will help you care more for the souls of people?

---What will help you steward your resources better for Jesus' Kingdom?

---What will deepen your biblical meditation?

As you "tilt" toward the Lord Jesus Christ---you'll get the right answers to these questions...

Great Quote from St. John Chrysostom: "...if I were the fittest in the world to preach a sermon to the whole world, gathered together in one congregation, and had some high mountain for a pulpit, from whence I might have a prospect of all the world to hear me, I might to choose to preach upon no other text than in the Psalms, O mortal men, "How long will ye love vanity, and follow after deception?"....

Grace & Peace in Jesus Our LORD, Pastor Jason